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50 years of New Zealand Rallying dinner.
Saturday 19th August 2017
Claudelands Event Center Hamilton.
Featuring special guest speakers, rally cars, NZRC champions, memorabilia and more! Further details here
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YesterdayRally New Zealand Co-Driver Academy set to develop Kiwi talent
 Holder takes advantage to Whangarei
 Gilmour to put best foot forward at Whangarei Rally
 Manfeild successful with New Zealand Grand Prix bid
 Paddon aims for momentum in Argentina
 Jensen & Anstis After Category 5 Rally Championship Title
3 days agoHyundai Motorsport looks for back-to-back wins at Rally Argentina
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 Troubled start to the season for van Klink
 Hawkeswood makes strong start to championship
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Mon, 24 Apr 2017 - Rally New Zealand Co-Driver Academy set to develop Kiwi talent

To continue the strong growth of domestic rallying, Rally of New Zealand is pleased to announce an investment in the development of local co-driving talent. The Rally New Zealand Co-Drivers Academy will be held from 1st-3rd August and is aimed at developing Kiwi co-driving talent to compete at the top level of the sport. Six places will be available on the three day Academy Program.

Rally New Zealand have enlisted professional rally co-drivers Alex and Rhianon Gelsomino to host the academy. Italian born but now American based, Alex is well known as the man in the ...    more...

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 - Holder takes advantage to Whangarei

Defending Champion David Holder will start the International Rally of Whangarei, round 2 of the 2017 Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, fuelled by Gull and driven by Dunlop, with an eight point margin over his nearest rival Andrew Hawkeswood.

Holder who was victorious at the opening round of the championship in Dunedin three weeks ago, will have his second drive of the Hyundai New Zealand i20 at Whangarei, an event that marked the scene of his first NZRC round win 12 months ago and set him on course for the 2016 title. Hawkeswood is targeting a win at ...    more...

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 - Gilmour to put best foot forward at Whangarei Rally

Emma Gilmour is determined to recover some ground over the two-day International Rally of Whangarei this weekend.

The Dunedin rally driver did not have the best start to the season, with a mechanical and an-off-road excursion at the Drivesouth International Otago Rally earlier this month, meaning that she and co-driver Anthony McLoughlin scored no points at the opening round.

They will start with a fresh slate at this second round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship (NZRC) and look forward to measuring themselves against the international competitors entered in this event, ...    more...

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 - Manfeild successful with New Zealand Grand Prix bid

The support of seven city and district councils in the Horizons region played a key role in the decision to award a multi-year contract to host the New Zealand Grand Prix to Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon.

The New Zealand Grand Prix (NZGP) is one of only two current national Grand Prix events that are not part of the Formula One World Championship (the other being the Macau Grand Prix), and was first run in 1950. It’s currently the season finale for New Zealand’s premier single seater racing category, the Toyota Racing Series (TRS). The ...    more...

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 - Paddon aims for momentum in Argentina

Kiwi rally star Hayden Paddon acknowledges he hasn’t had the best start to the year, but he and co-driver John Kennard are looking for some improving momentum as they return to Argentina, the scene of their history-making first World Rally Championship victory last year.

“It is one of the roughest events on the calendar, and depending on the weather/conditions, this will influence the rally a lot,” says Paddon of the 27-30 April running of Rally Argentina.

“Looking after the car is also key and while it would be nice ...    more...

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 - Jensen & Anstis After Category 5 Rally Championship Title

Flatbush based Rally Driver Matt Jensen and co driver Kieran Anstis are aiming to start their attack on the New Zealand Rally Championship at next weekend’s rally of Whangarei targeting a strong top 10 finish amongst the field of Top International and National Drivers and a win in the Category 5 competition.

With a handful of top 3 finishes to their name the Flatbush Rallying duo have set a goal of taking out the Category 5 Championship this year, “We have had some great new sponsors come onboard this year with Panasonic,Elf,NZKW,Heller’s,Motorsport ...    more...

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1D. Holder / J. Farmer (1)2:48:38.0
2A. Hawkeswood / J. Cress (6)+45.9
3R. Gardner / A. MacKay (14)+2:03.4
4G. Featherstone / D. Devonport (10)+3:03.5
5S. Cox / S. Coatsworth (4)+4:02.7
6M. Martin / S. Prevot (1C)+4:42.2
7R. Ross / L. Hudson (2C)+4:53.1
8D. Turner / M. Read (7)+5:06.4
9B. Hunt / T. Rawstorn (2)+5:30.0
10D. Buist / K. Celeste (22)+6:19.4
11D. Strong / B. McKenzie (15)+8:45.4
12J. Silcock / R. Atkinson (8C)+9:09.4
13R. Bateman / J. Smith (20)+10:43.4
14A. Jones / T. Gwynne (26)+11:41.2
15B. Green / F. Pedersen (18)+12:23.5
16J. Judd / G. Marra (7C)+12:29.9
17B. Herbert / B. Parker (27)+12:31.7
18T. Gosling / B. Read (6C)+12:35.0
19A. Wood / C. Lancaster (19C)+12:35.8
20G. Walker / T. Dewhurst (16C)+12:48.5
21J. Mitchell / A. Mitchell (39)+13:16.3
22J. Quantock / A. Steel (19)+14:11.2
23B. Stokes / A. Stokes (24)+14:31.2
24G. Ferguson / R. Moody (14C)+15:51.7
25D. Scoles / G. Howden (48)+18:12.2
26D. Thomson / A. Hudson (49)+18:49.8
27A. Dippie / P. Coghill (18C)+19:07.8
28M. Budd / B. Budd (47)+20:09.5
29F. Merkin / S. Everson (46)+20:10.6
30B. Varcoe / S. Graves (26C)+20:31.4
31S. Haggerty / S. Sands (42)+20:49.1
32J. McDonald / C. Smith (44)+23:28.8
33M. Sheehan / S. Faulkner (66)+23:42.1
34R. Davey / R. Gordon (24C)+24:00.6
35M. Laughton / A. Laughton (23C)+24:21.2
36P. Sims / C. Dawson (64)+24:52.6
37D. McCrostie / M. Marshall (36C)+24:55.1
38G. Coey / T. Witheridge (41C)+26:39.6
39C. Mclean / S. Brennan (54)+26:46.6
40M. McElwain / M. Bunyard (28C)+28:28.6
41K. Todd / L. Todd (38C)+30:57.6
42P. Fraser / C. Davison (40C)+31:03.5
43T. Willemsen / P. Willemsen (70)+31:50.7
44J. Williamson / B. Williamson (51)+32:05.9
45J. MacDonald / A. Ramsay (27C)+33:32.6
46D. Quantock / E. Quantock (31)+34:35.3
47C. Saxton / C. Cockburn (48C)+34:36.7
48A. Fisher / J. Hutson (45C)+35:08.3
49R. Burgess / W. Shortus (44C)+35:16.7
50P. Dillon / B. Chisholm (56)+35:40.0
51R. Goss / M. Gunn (68)+38:43.0
52P. Fridd / F. Strass (47C)+44:00.3
53D. Taylor / P. Huntley (65)+44:56.9
54Z. King / M. Thompson (80)+49:31.5
55G. Keen / I. Larsen (81)+50:45.9
56D. Kibble / H. Johnston (17C)+51:17.0
57M. Tregilgas / G. Goldring (50)+52:19.4
58B. Miller / J. Eyre (74)+1:00:52.5
59M. Harris / J. Hudson (79)+1:45:49.1
1E. Maguire / M. Potter (44)1:16:50.5
2J. Vandenberg / A. Hodgetts (80)+2:52.4
3S. Maguire / B. Sheldrick (15)+3:29.3
4T. Auty / J. Sutcliffe (53)+4:20.4
5K. Wylie / J. Sims (55)+4:53.0
6M. Butcher / A. Roark (88)+7:11.1
7A. Peterson / G. Johnstone (35)+9:34.2
8M. How / N. Walker (45)+10:26.6
9N. Grave / S. Spedding (17)+10:49.1
10B. Cromarty / H. Maslin (83)+12:59.9
11T. McLeod / S. Glenney (51)+13:06.6
12B. Johnson / A. Saunders (98)+13:12.7
13T. Kulhanek / T. Dean (81)+13:16.3
14M. Pritchard / A. Butler (52)+13:34.6
15B. Rogers / H. Rogers (69)+13:38.5
16B. Newman / R. Sheldrick (47)+13:51.1
17C. Lewis / A. Carr (39)+14:41.0
18M. Kyle / D. Davies (72)+14:44.9
19D. Oates / D. Lovell (18)+16:11.8
20S. Rogers / E. Wilson (68)+17:18.3
21D. Cromarty / S. Paine (84)+17:46.3
22C. Benjamin / G. McGrath (20)+18:42.5
23N. Roddam / A. Malcolm (61)+18:46.0
24N. Stokes / N. Stokes (96)+18:56.9
25B. Fulton / J. Milner (13)+20:01.6
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