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TodayTarga NZ: Start List for Leg 1 published
2 days agoTarga NZ entries published
 Targa NZ published
 Four-car challenge for Hyundai Motorsport at Wales Rally GB
3 days agoThomson has near perfect run at Waitomo
 van Klink ecstatic with Waitomo victory
 Hawkeswood extends championship lead at Waitomo
1 week agoSweet success for Cox in second
8 days agoVictory for Hunt at Waitomo lines up three-way title fight
 Two top ten finishes for Holden Rally Team at Waitomo
 Top five finish for Gilmour in Rally Waitomo
 Win at Rally Waitomo moves Hunt into second in NZRC
10 days agoRally of Waitomo: Start List published
 New challenge for Cox
11 days agoWaitomo Rally challenges ahead for Holden drivers Marston and Holder
 Hunt keen to move up the points table at Rally Waitomo
12 days agoNZ Hillclimb Championship gets underway in Canterbury
2 weeks agoClean run the aim for van Klink
 Thomson eyes the long game at Waitomo
 Hawkeswood looks to extend championship lead at Waitomo
 Hyundai Motorsport suffers Championship blow in Rally de España
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Sat, 21 Oct 2017 - Four-car challenge for Hyundai Motorsport at Wales Rally GB
Hyundai Motorsport will contest the penultimate round of the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship, Wales Rally GB, with four cars
Hayden Paddon returns after a one-rally absence to join Thierry Neuville, Andreas Mikkelsen and Dani Sordo in a Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC
The team aims to complete its fourth season in the WRC on a high note and is targeting a strong team result on the Welsh gravel roads.    more...
Fri, 20 Oct 2017 - Thomson has near perfect run at Waitomo

Waiuku’s Dylan Thomson has taken a crucial victory at round five of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, the Handy Rentals Hamilton Rally Waitomo.

Thomson headed to the event knowing a finish was absolutely crucial, while keen to take the maximum points on offer. Another carrot dangling in front of the 22-year old was an extra prize for the first NZRC two-wheel drive class car (front-wheel drive up to two-litre) for the event, which included a free entry and 12 Dunlop tyres for the series finale, Rally New Zealand.

Thomson and ...    more...

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 - van Klink ecstatic with Waitomo victory

Christchurch’s Marcus van Klink has come away with the desired victory after a near faultless run at round five of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, the Handy Rentals Hamilton Rally Waitomo.

Having debuted the Buteline Mazda RX-8 triple-rotor late last year, van Klink has suffered from a series of niggling issues across the season, but development, including a quicker steering rack, saw the car not only reliable, but also easier to drive on some of the most challenging roads the championship has to offer.

After setting the second fastest ...    more...

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 - Hawkeswood extends championship lead at Waitomo

Auckland’s Andrew Hawkeswood has extended his lead in the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship after a challenging day saw him come home fourth at the penultimate round, the Handy Rentals Hamilton Rally Waitomo.

Hawkeswood headed to the event having made his way into the lead of the championship and looking to put a gap between himself and championship rival Matt Summerfield. He made the perfect start, able to survive a puncture late on the opening stage to still record the fastest time in the Mazda 2 AP4+ car.

<...    more...
Mon, 16 Oct 2017 - Sweet success for Cox in second
Cox Motorsports good fortune continued this weekend at Rally Waitomo with a podium finish, which follows on from a win at Ashley Forest recently. The car ran faultlessly with no mechanical issues and Sloan and Sarah were able to show their talent and speed together, proving that consistency and reliability is back with the Taslo Engineering Evo X.    more...
Sun, 15 Oct 2017 - Victory for Hunt at Waitomo lines up three-way title fight

The race for the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship driven by Dunlop and fuelled by Gull has taken another twist, with Ben Hunt’s victory at the Handy Rentals Hamilton Rally Waitomo moving him right into contention for the title at the series finale in six weeks time.

Hunt and co-driver Tony Rawstorn took a commanding lead after winning stage three and never looked back in their Subaru WRX STi, reaching the finish 22 seconds ahead of Sloan Cox and Sarah Coatsworth’s (Rotorua) Mitsubishi Evo 10, while Hawke’s Bay driver Max ...    more...

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Start List for Leg 1
1J. Worth (136)14:00
2R. Bokhoven (177)14:01
3D. Webster (110)14:02
4S. Smith (212)14:03
5M. Hellier (255)14:04
6E. Grooten (207)14:05
7R. Ramson (284)14:06
8R. Penny (330)14:07
9H. Moore (209)14:08
10B. Hiestand (280)14:09
11M. McCaughan (290)14:10
12L. Bawden (744)14:11
13A. Butler (315)14:12
14P. Jones (147)14:13
15K. Callinan (145)14:14
16C. Kirk-Burnnand (291)14:15
17R. Ryan (186)14:16
18B. Kirk-Burnnand (267)14:17
19M. Kirk-Burnnand (293)14:18
20T. Grooten (751)14:19
21S. Kirk-Burnnand (756)14:20
22G. Inkster (954)14:22
23L. Hopper (969)14:23
24J. Gill (972)14:24
25C. West (975)14:25
26M. Dippie (640)14:26
27N. Waal (980)14:27
28R. Darrington (746)14:28
29D. Rogers (976)14:29
30M. Tubbs (531)14:30
31M. Wales (993)14:31
32A. Oakley (866)14:32
33B. Boniface (643)14:33
34B. Green (958)14:34
35J. Rae (912)14:35
36G. Wong (988)14:36
37S. Blucher (941)14:37
38J. Mccandless (989)14:38
39I. Knauf (933)14:39
40G. Russell (513)14:40
41S. Callaway (936)14:41
42M. Take (708)14:42
43G. Drummond (688)14:43
44J. Birch (875)14:44
45D. Morrissey (778)14:45
46W. Knott (916)14:46
47T. Ouwehand (747)14:47
48M. Hunt (546)14:48
49J. Thomson (635)14:49
50R. Webster (505)14:50
51J. Friar (583)14:51
52S. O'Donnell (558)14:52
53M. Lowe (564)14:53
54K. Twomey (951)14:54
55T. Newman (517)14:55
56S. Walden (436)14:56
57J. Rowley (477)14:57
58D. O'Neill (493)14:58
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1B. Hunt / T. Rawstorn (4)2:12:50.7
2S. Cox / S. Coatsworth (7)+22.0
3M. Bayley / L. Hudson (6)+43.3
4A. Hawkeswood / J. Cress (2)+1:18.1
5E. Gilmour / A. McLoughlin (9)+1:21.3
6D. Holder / J. Farmer (1)+1:27.6
7M. Summerfield / N. Summerfield (3)+2:18.6
8G. Featherstone / D. Devonport (8)+2:27.2
9J. Marston / A. Graves (11)+2:34.6
10Q. Palmer / D. Bassett (21)+3:39.2
11R. Bateman / S. Guckert (20)+6:24.4
12E. Creugnet / P. Delrieu (23)+7:09.3
13K. Scherer / D. Reichenbach (38)+7:21.7
14M. Klink / D. Neill (25)+7:31.1
15B. Herbert / B. Parker (33)+7:32.9
16J. Walker / J. Dawson (17)+7:33.0
17B. Green / F. Pedersen (24)+7:40.3
18J. Shapley / S. Byrne (35)+9:06.2
19W. Redfern / R. Bartels (22)+9:18.1
20M. Adams / K. Adams (29)+9:29.0
21B. McFarlane / S. McFarlane (37)+10:04.9
22B. Taylor / C. Ramsay (28)+10:08.2
23J. Glavish / M. Brunt (45)+10:45.2
24C. Stevens / S. Stevens (42)+10:48.2
25W. Pittams / N. Moloney (43)+11:57.0
26R. Wilson / D. Elder (40)+13:29.0
27J. Hawkeswood / M. Tapper (47)+13:33.1
28D. Hinton / M. Mannion (60)+14:05.5
29D. Thomson / A. Hudson (31)+14:21.9
30E. O'Hagan / S. O'Hagan (55)+14:49.3
31M. Goldsbury / A. Watkins (69)+15:10.0
32T. Gosling / B. Read (27)+15:29.7
33M. Bertlesen / L. Fisher (68)+15:51.9
34B. Smith / A. Beck (41)+16:21.2
35D. Hearn / G. Harcus (56)+16:55.9
36J. Williamson / B. Williamson (61)+17:13.7
37T. Radovan / T. Kenrick (81)+17:16.4
38A. Smith / G. Smith (62)+17:34.0
39M. McElwain / M. Bunyard (58)+18:24.0
40J. Ward / M. O'Neill (53)+18:37.2
41S. Bell / W. Martin (52)+19:05.6
42D. Taylor / P. Huntley (57)+19:31.0
43L. Homes / B. Homes (54)+20:15.5
44P. Collins / T. Spark (50)+21:43.3
45D. Alexander / R. Burnett (63)+23:18.2
46B. Brown / T. Cresswell (51)+24:00.5
47D. Haines / I. Mason (71)+26:45.3
48L. Styles / J. Kapua (72)+29:00.0
49R. Goss / R. Leggett (70)+29:47.8
50M. Brown / D. James (76)+30:10.8
51P. Fraser / C. Davison (67)+30:49.7
52A. Treseder / M. Riach (73)+31:26.8
53A. Gillies / S. Day (66)+36:48.4
54M. Tregilgas / G. Goldring (32)+40:53.8
55A. Keighley / A. Smith (80)+46:49.0
56D. Carson / J. Post (75)+56:42.3
57D. Adnitt / . (64)+57:36.9
1C. Strang / S. Robbie (4)1:10:50.3
2J. Judd / G. Marra (2)+1.1
3D. Quantock / E. Quantock (5)+30.2
4D. Buist / K. Celeste (7)+2:04.4
5J. Clark / J. Brenssell (39)+3:05.1
6D. Cameron / M. Crook (15)+4:26.7
7G. Hawkes / N. Mulholland (11)+4:41.7
8M. Macdonald / M. Macdonald (13)+4:48.2
9R. Chadwick / R. Chadwick (40)+5:28.8
10D. Birkett / J. Birkett (28)+7:45.4
11P. Collins / T. Spark (12)+8:08.7
12S. Thorp / W. Hawes (21)+8:55.2
13M. Baltrop / J. Lynch (19)+9:09.3
14S. Cattermole / B. Cattermole (41)+9:37.9
15A. McLean / C. McLean (31)+10:10.0
16A. Wood / C. Lancaster (14)+10:36.7
17B. Green / F. Pedersen (22)+10:37.8
18J. McDonald / T. Nichols (18)+10:48.4
19G. Coey / J. Hewlett (27)+11:25.2
20A. Vause / D. O'Kane (30)+12:25.5
21R. Ford / G. Wilkinson (34)+15:30.1
22A. Eyles / J. Eyles (32)+15:41.5
23S. Thornley / A. Thornley (35)+18:29.5
24P. Fridd / C. Fridd (33)+19:02.2
25M. Harris / K. Laird (36)+37:48.3
26D. Taylor / J. Hudson (26)+56:18.3
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