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YesterdaySheehan takes plenty from North Island debut
 Campbell makes huge steps forward at Coromandel
 Tough Coromandel Rally for Gilmour
3 days agoCoromandel second for Hunt moves him to runner-up in NZRC
 Coromandel win gives Paddon fourth NZRC title
4 days agoRally Coromandel: Start List for Leg 1 published
5 days agoCampbell looks for more miles at Coromandel
6 days agoRallye Deutschland entries published
 Coromandel unfinished business for Paddon
8 days agoSheehan secures strong result at Catlins
 Gilmour has a podium in her sights for Coromandel
 Cox makes gains in rallycross competition
 Rallye Deutschland published
11 days agoCatlins Coast Rally: Start List for Leg 1 published
12 days agoRally Coromandel entries published
13 days agoSheehan gears up for epic double header
2 weeks agoNew Zealand champion a coup for Catlins
 Catlins Coast Rally a favourite for defending champion
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Mon, 20 Aug 2018 - Sheehan takes plenty from North Island debut

Queenstown’s Mike Sheehan has taken plenty of lessons away from his first North Island rally, the Hyundai NZ Goldrush Rally Coromandel, which was the fifth round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, held over the weekend.

Sheehan headed to the event off the back of a strong second in class at the Catlins Rally South of Dunedin a week earlier before travelling across the majority of the country to get to the Whitianga-based event.

After a false start at the South Canterbury Rally, Sheehan would finally have his first ...    more...

Mon, 20 Aug 2018 - Campbell makes huge steps forward at Coromandel

Tauranga’s Phil Campbell has come away from the Hyundai NZ Goldrush Rally Coromandel, the fifth round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, ecstatic with the sixth-placed result achieved in only his second rally driving The Roofing Store Ford Fiesta AP4+.

Campbell debuted the car at Rally Canterbury earlier in the year but suffered overheating that led to an eventual engine failure, so knew the Whitianga-based event would be a big learning curve adapting to the new generation car. Another change saw regular co-driver Mal Peden unavailable, so Matt Hayward would be ...    more...

Mon, 20 Aug 2018 - Tough Coromandel Rally for Gilmour

Emma Gilmour ended the Hyundai New Zealand Goldrush Rally of Coromandel still smiling but wondering what could have been, if brake issues had not hampered the performance of her Vantage Windows and Doors Suzuki Swift AP4 yesterday.

They began as early as stage one of eight, in this penultimate round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship and continued on and off throughout the next seven tests as Emma and co-driver Anthony McLoughlin struggled in the slippery stages without fully functional brakes.

“We'd had a solid morning and were in sixth ...    more...

Sat, 18 Aug 2018 - Coromandel second for Hunt moves him to runner-up in NZRC

Subaru brand ambassador Ben Hunt has moved up to second in the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship (NZRC) after finishing a close runner-up to WRC driver Hayden Paddon today.

Auckland-based Hunt and co-driver Tony Rawstorn were ultra-consistent at the Hyundai New Zealand Goldrush Rally of Coromandel, scoring top three stage times across the eight-stage event in their Subaru WRX STI. Clocking two stage wins, four second places and a pair of third-fastest times, they ended up only 18.7secs behind Paddon, who has usually been multiple minutes ahead of his closest rivals in the other ...    more...

Sat, 18 Aug 2018 - Coromandel win gives Paddon fourth NZRC title

Kiwi rally star Hayden Paddon has wrapped up the 2018 Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship title by winning the one-day, Hyundai NZ-backed Rally of Coromandel today (18 August). With Malcolm Peden in the co-driver’s seat for the second time this season, Paddon overcame turbo hose issues in his Hyundai i20 AP4+ rally car to win his fourth NZRC event this year.

The Coromandel rally with its twisty, slower roads represented unfinished business for the Hyundai driver, having been the only national championship event he had never won.

It wasn’t an ...    more...

Thu, 16 Aug 2018 - Campbell looks for more miles at Coromandel

Tauranga’s Phil Campbell lines up at this weekend’s Hyundai NZ Goldrush Rally Coromandel, the fifth round of the Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship, looking for more stage miles in his new Ford Fiesta AP4.

The 2018 season was supposed to see Campbell contest a full season, but delays in building the car saw him miss the opening two rounds, then an engine failure at round three saw him also sit out round four.

Encouraged by the potential with the new car, Campbell will continue to learn the modern The ...    more...

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1New ZealandHayden Paddon1:22:21.4
2New ZealandBen Hunt+18.7
3New ZealandDylan Turner+51.9
4New ZealandMatt Summerfield+1:01.3
5AustraliaBrendan Reeves+1:17.0
6New ZealandPhil Campbell+1:47.4
7New ZealandGrant Blackberry+3:00.8
8New ZealandRaana Horan+3:08.1
9New ZealandJosh Marston+3:25.8
10New ZealandEmma Gilmour+3:31.9
11New ZealandGeof Argyle+4:02.6
12AustraliaNathan Quinn+4:55.2
13New CaledoniaEugene Creugnet+6:20.8
14New ZealandBrad McFarlane+6:48.4
15New ZealandBrian Green+6:50.9
16New ZealandDavid Holder+7:11.8
17New ZealandBruce Herbert+7:25.0
18New ZealandBrynley Smith+8:08.2
19New ZealandMatt Adams+8:11.9
20New ZealandJonathon Walker+8:51.1
21New ZealandDylan Thomson+9:00.0
22New ZealandRobbie Stokes+9:27.7
23New ZealandBrent Taylor+9:47.3
24New ZealandJack Hawkeswood+9:50.9
25New ZealandBrian Stokes+10:06.9
26New ZealandPhil Macquarie+10:11.7
27New ZealandDavid Hearn+10:30.6
28New ZealandRegan Ross+10:53.0
29New ZealandWayne Pittams+11:10.2
30New ZealandMike Sheehan+12:01.4
31New ZealandMiles McElwain+12:43.7
32New ZealandSteve Cox+16:16.2
33New ZealandChris Sheriff+18:39.8
34New ZealandColin Tubb+18:54.1
35New ZealandBryn Jones+19:19.9
36New ZealandKevin Preest+21:10.5
37New ZealandJeff Ward+21:24.4
1New ZealandAndrew Graves1:23:43.8
2New ZealandAndrew Hawkeswood+53.0
3New ZealandCarter Strang+1:36.8
4New ZealandJeff Judd+2:29.9
5New ZealandDavid Quantock+2:59.1
6New ZealandGaret Thomas+3:24.2
7New ZealandVaughan Edie+3:40.1
8New ZealandJohn Giltrap+3:43.9
9New ZealandDerek Ayson+4:00.4
10New ZealandMarcus Van Klink+5:22.2
11New ZealandGraham Ferguson+6:10.3
12New ZealandJason Keach+6:15.8
13New ZealandMark Parsons+6:37.5
14New ZealandRichie Chadwick+6:38.0
15New ZealandJeremy McIlwick+6:58.2
16New ZealandAndy Martin+7:27.8
17New ZealandGarry Cliff+7:47.4
18New ZealandRay Wilson+7:58.1
19New ZealandMatt Summerfield+8:37.1
20New ZealandCorey MacAskill+8:50.1
21New ZealandMike Sheehan+8:53.3
22New ZealandMurray Marshall+8:57.5
23New ZealandGavin Read+9:40.1
24New ZealandStephen Gill+10:15.4
25New ZealandNeville Kidd+10:31.0
26New ZealandBrendon Mitchell+10:53.2
27New ZealandPhillip Walker+11:36.5
28New ZealandBrian Green+12:06.7
29New ZealandMurray Garrick+12:25.0
30New ZealandCory Saxton+12:36.7
31New ZealandDave Ollis+12:40.4
32New ZealandEric Clark+13:09.7
33New ZealandCraig Cormack+13:13.3
34New ZealandCarl Rabbidge+13:37.6
35New ZealandKevin Lynch+14:24.5
36New ZealandEd Mulligan+14:45.1
37New ZealandRaimon Wilkinson+14:53.3
38New ZealandZeke King+15:24.6
39New ZealandDean Mccrostie+15:37.2
40New ZealandEddie Gray+16:05.9
41New ZealandQuintan Hazlett+16:17.8
42New ZealandBrendon Wadsworth+17:18.8
43New ZealandBrent Rawstron+18:29.1
44New ZealandChris Hogan+18:36.9
45New ZealandJonathan Taylor+19:04.4
46New ZealandRay Casey+19:05.3
47New ZealandRyan Blacktopp+21:54.7
48New ZealandMike Cameron+22:16.2
49New ZealandMichelle Harris+23:33.5
50New ZealandScott Gouman+24:21.7
51New ZealandAlan Garrick+25:16.1
52New ZealandSteve Harper+27:53.6
53New ZealandRichard Ford+28:00.5
54New ZealandGreg Keen+31:04.6
55New ZealandTodd Read+32:39.2
56New ZealandBrayden King+32:56.1
57New ZealandAndrew Whyte+38:18.3
1New ZealandBrett Matthews55:13.7
2New ZealandWarren Glassford+4.4
3New ZealandRob Ryan+22.6
4New ZealandGreg Honnor+54.6
5New ZealandNigel Patterson+1:00.2
6New ZealandKevin Sanderson+1:00.3
7New ZealandMike Browning+1:07.1
8New ZealandJames Post+1:10.5
9New ZealandStuart Eyre+1:26.7
10New ZealandMike Reynish+1:37.4
11New ZealandCarl Hannaford+1:58.2
12New ZealandMal Clark+2:25.5
13New ZealandElliott Frame+2:36.1
14New ZealandMartin Hutton+3:05.9
15New ZealandBrent Thompson+4:03.8
16New ZealandDonald Webster+4:50.4
17New ZealandBrent Sellens+5:04.5
18New ZealandJerry Friar+5:40.6
19New ZealandMichele Brunt+6:11.4
20New ZealandBill McEwan+6:25.5
21New ZealandPeter Dudson+6:47.9
22New ZealandDerek Cecil+7:20.9
23New ZealandAdam Fisher+7:27.4
24New ZealandDavid Ralph+7:41.6
25New ZealandGrant Harrington+8:58.3
26New ZealandRoss McKenzie+9:30.0
27New ZealandPaul Adams+9:35.8
28New ZealandMark McCauhgan+10:34.5
29New ZealandJames Harriman+10:48.7
30New ZealandCraig Marshall+12:06.2
31New ZealandCallum McKenzie+15:29.6
32New ZealandSteve Cox+18:49.8
33New ZealandJilly Fisher+24:15.5
1EstoniaOtt Tänak2:35:18.1
2NorwayMads Östberg+32.7
3FinlandJari-Matti Latvala+35.5
4New ZealandHayden Paddon+1:35.6
5FranceSebastien Ogier+2:15.0
6FinlandTeemu Suninen+2:19.2
7United KingdomElfyn Evans+2:29.5
8IrelandCraig Breen+3:08.4
9BelgiumThierry Neuville+3:51.8
10NorwayAndreas Mikkelsen+8:35.0
11FinlandEerik Pietarinen+10:16.2
12FinlandJari Huttunen+11:07.1
13United KingdomGus Greensmith+12:35.2
14FinlandKalle Rovanperä+12:37.1
15FrancePierre-Louis Loubet+14:45.7
16FinlandMarko Mänty+15:07.5
17FinlandVille Pynnönen+19:01.6
18MexicoBenito Guerra+21:22.5
19SwedenMattias Monelius+25:50.2
20EstoniaKen Torn+27:49.1
21SwedenEmil Bergkvist+27:59.0
22FranceJean-Baptiste Franceschi+29:35.3
23GermanyJulius Tannert+31:57.2
24IrelandCallum Devine+33:56.0
25United KingdomTom Williams+37:54.3
26FinlandTaisko Lario+39:22.8
27TurkeyBurga Banaz+39:31.8
28ItalyEnrico Oldrati+45:17.8
29HungaryZoltan Szabo+45:50.8
30United KingdomAlex Waterman+1:18:39.7
31IndiaSanjay Takale+1:20:02.2
32JapanShunichi Washio+1:23:08.0
33JapanKohei Izuno+25:09:00.4
34ItalyUmberto Accornero+45:20.2
1AustraliaScott McCloy1:40:45.0
2AustraliaNathan Quinn+39.0
3AustraliaJayke Skeffington+2:40.0
4AustraliaIan Hill+7:36.0
5AustraliaMark Bramble+8:06.0
6AustraliaChris Jaques+8:15.0
7AustraliaBrian Newton+8:28.0
8AustraliaJamie Lulham+8:56.0
9AustraliaMatthew Byron+10:11.0
10AustraliaKevin Ashby+10:18.0
11AustraliaJody Mill+10:28.0
12AustraliaEd Mulligan+10:30.0
13AustraliaMick Pinckham+12:19.0
14AustraliaBruce McDougall+13:39.0
15AustraliaMichael Tori+13:40.0
16AustraliaMatt Nash+14:15.0
17AustraliaPJ O'Keefe+14:23.0
18AustraliaMichael Curtin+14:49.0
19AustraliaDamien Frizell+15:55.0
20AustraliaAndrew Crowley+16:17.0
21AustraliaJack Wightman+16:32.0
22AustraliaJamie Luff+16:42.0
23AustraliaPaul Taylor+17:26.0
24AustraliaJason Williams+18:00.0
25AustraliaJohn Joyner+22:14.0
26AustraliaTara Mcilroy+23:33.0
27AustraliaPeter Thompson+25:00.0
28AustraliaJason Pearce+25:32.0
29AustraliaZac Calder-Love+26:03.0
30AustraliaMark Hudson+27:33.0
31AustraliaWade Ryan+27:38.0
32AustraliaKeith McIlroy+28:18.0
33AustraliaDavid Flaye+29:16.0
34AustraliaPeter Moore+37:30.0
35AustraliaToby Ivanovic+54:47.0
36AustraliaJohn Fraser+1:46:36.0
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